Unlimited Yoga

Auto Renewing ............................ $59 per month*

One Month Trial ........................... $75-$85

One Week Trial ........................... $29

NOURISH members can come to as many yoga classes as they would like for only $59 a month. At NOURISH, the more yoga you practice, the more affordable each class becomes. It is truly the best deal for yoga in Santa Cruz!

Here's the bottom line. If you ask anyone they will tell you that in order for yoga to really be effective, you have to do it at least 2 times per week. At that rate, taking classes at NOURISH would cost you about $7 per class. At any other place in Santa Cruz you'd be paying between $10 and $12 for the same classes. So, taking yoga at NOURISH saves you an extra $25-$43 every month, or $300 - $500 per year! And if for some reason you had time on a given week and wanted to take another class, everywhere else you would have to come out of pocket even more, while at NOURISH it would already be paid for..

Even though we're offering the best deal for yoga classes in Santa Cruz, or pretty much anywhere, we recognize that you may want to experience NOURISH before making a commitment. You can purchase a Week of Unlimited Yoga for $29, or a single month of Unlimited Yoga for $85.

While we encourage you to make a commitment to yourself and your yoga practice by signing up for our Auto Renewing Unlimited Yoga, we also give you the option of purchasing a single yoga drop-in class for $20. If you've enjoyed your experience and let us know within 24 hours of taking the drop-in class, we will apply the $20 class fee to your first month of unlimited yoga classes.

About NOURISH Membership

Other Benefits of NOURISH Membership:

Access to Monthly Massage...............$59 per month

Access to Unlimited Nutrition .................$99 per month

Discounts on All Products ...................... 10% off all products and services

Nourish Awards
  • Best Yoga Instructor in Santa Cruz
  • Best Yoga Studio in Santa Cruz
  • Best Yoga Teacher Training in Santa Cruz
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Nourish Awards
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"After a long day of work, I look foward to Victor's classes. In fact, I drive from all the way over the hill in Los Gatos just to practice yoga at NOURISH. Nourish is my sanctuary...thank you!"

~Lisa Kellert

"I've taken yoga from Victor Dubin for 10 years in various locations. NOURISH is the best one yet: convenient, clean and colorful, it's a pleasure to show up. Victor and Roxanne are both excellent instructors who really care about their students. The owners, Victor and his nutritionist wife, Jocelyn, take an interest in the community and show compassion for the needy, which adds to the robust feel of the place. In fact, the entire NOURISH team, including the desk staff, are warm and friendly. It's an inviting studio in which to learn yoga. "

~S.W. Santa Cruz

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