Congratulations NOURISH Yoga Teacher Training Graduates!

This week Brenna, Zoe, and Sarah finished their final teaching exams for their NOURISH Yoga Teacher Training Program completion! They all did wonderful jobs and will make mindful, considerate, compassionate, and caring yoga teachers. It has been my privilege to work with them and watch them grow as students and teachers.

They will be the instructors for the NOURISH Teen Summer Yoga Camp that happens in late July and early August. The kids who participate don’t know how lucky they are. Additionally, if you come to classes at NOURISH you’ll find them all subbing (check the NOURISH schedule for details).

One thought on “Congratulations NOURISH Yoga Teacher Training Graduates!”

  1. I was wondering where to get more information about the teen camp? It sounds really great but I cant find it in the schedule.

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