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Tapas – Hungry For Yoga

Jocelyn in TapasThis week we’re discussing the yoga principle tapas and people keep getting hungry during class. The definition we’ve been working with in class is commitment, dedication, and passion. And while all of these capture the essence of tapas, making a commitment to one’s self and one’s yoga practice, there is something to the experience of hunger that illuminates the practice of¬†tapas.

When there is a hunger to practice yoga, there is tapas. Too often we silence the inner hunger to do what is best in exchange for what is easy or expedient. Tapas is an honoring of our best selves. It is a practice of listening to our need for effort in the direction of progress and growth. So when you are at the moment of internal decision: “I could go to yoga class, or I could go run these errands, or check my facebook page, or….” call on tapas to support your best self.

When there is a hunger to¬†practice peace, there is tapas. The definition of peace as a noun misses it’s true nature. Peace is a practice that requires strength, courage, determination, and consistency. Peace is best practiced with the full intensity of our being and this is what tapas brings to our yoga practice.

Bring tapas to your yoga practice. With tapas you will find the support you need when there is adversity and inspiration to be your best in every moment.