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Goodbye and Farewell…

This week is sadly my last at NOURISH. After working here for a year, it is now time to leave. I  will be moving down to Pomona, in Southern California, where my wife will start med school at Western University and I will chase my dream of working in the film industry (so if anyone has any contacts down there… I’m pretty sure Victor and Jocelyn will give me a good reference!)

I will take a lot away from my time at NOURISH. It is here that I enjoyed my first massage, learned a tonne about nutrition and the body, had the pleasure of meeting a plethora of wise and wonderful people, discovered a love for hummus, and received my first American paycheck!

I would like to thank Victor and Jocelyn for continually providing the flexibility and confidence that has allowed me to learn new skills and make the most of my time in Santa Cruz. Since walking through the door last May, I have felt very well taken care of and appreciated… they even let me wear my hat at work!

I will miss all the staff, everyone of you has made me smile in some way or other, and especially all the other receptionists who have been a great group of ladies to work with.

Finally, I msut say thank you to the lovely NOURISH clients and members.  In England and in the US I have worked several jobs, many of which have involved customer service, and I can honestly say that the clients at NOURISH have easily been the most pleasant and easy going. I think this is reflective of the atmosphere and ethos the center cultivates: NOURISH is a space of respect, warmth and commitment, and it has made for a great place to spend the larger part of my days and nights.

I wish you all a wonderful Santa Cruz summer, I will certainly be thinking of  Las Palmas Chile Verde burritos and walks on West Cliff, and I hope you have long and happy lives!