Spring Cleanse Approaching!

healthy-eating-300Well the warm weather has finally arrived (for good this time I hope) and Jocelyn’s Spring Cleanse is approaching. I am sure everyone has heard word of it around our studio…28 days of detoxifying magic. As maybe only a few of you know, I am going to be participating in the cleanse along side a hand full of our other brave clients.

Now, I am not sure what 28 days means to you, but to me this seems like a long time! I have to say I am a little nervous for the full commitment. For those of us who have experienced Jocelyn’s work in the past I know I am in good hands and it most likely won’t be as challenging as my nerves are anticipating. Many things are rolling through my mind, as I’m sure the others participating have their own lists of apprehensions. My list runs something like this: what is my birthday going to be like falling right smack in the middle, as well as my boyfriend’s birthday? What is my trip home to visit my parents and friends going to be like? What am I going to do going to the Castroville Artichoke Festival for the first time and not be able to experience it to the fullest? These things seem quite difficult to navigate around.

What I do know is that I have spent a month under Jocelyn’s care before (for a trial month of Unlimited Nutrition) and somehow when you are in the middle of something that is so beneficial to your body and overall health, it doesn’t seem like such an obstacle. You don’t seem to mind that you are maybe not eating all the cake you would have liked before or indulging in a cocktail after dinner for celebration. Those things seem to fall away and are replaced with the good feelings of sleeping well, losing weight, looking great in those old jeans or swim suit, having an incredible amount of energy to enjoy the day and spend that time doing other things that make you happy. There are endless benefits that I have to say I am looking forward to. This can be my best birthday present yet.

Starting this Wednesday, May 12th, I will be blogging about my experience every other day for those who are interested in knowing the details of what it means to participate in Jocelyn’s 28 day cleanse. Please follow me as I approach and conquer my challenges and come out (hopefully) a changed woman!

~Cassandra (Receptionist)

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