Cleanse Update: Week One Closing

Well with the first week almost under my belt I am feeling MUCH better. The fatigue and hunger cravings have gone away! I am sleeping very well and all bodily functions in check. I have been doing additional cleansing additives such as long Epsom salt baths and exfoliating in the shower, and plenty of exercise. I think today I am starting to really notice a difference. My skin is much softer and clear, my teeth have that silky “I’m healthy” feeling and I am starting to have enough energy to get a good work out in rather than just long walks and yoga.

Jocelyn was mentioning in our group meeting last week that we will be entering a “second phase” of cleansing after about the first week. I believe I have made it through my slump and am on the up and up!

I also had my half hour nutrition consultation with Jocelyn today that went great. I got some more tips on how to round out my diet. I am learning how to incorporate a variety of gluten free whole grains and some good snacking tips. She also gave me some wonderful options for a birthday celebration dessert. My birthday is on Thursday and although I am incredibly excited I am also still a little apprehensive. I am not sure if my friends are going to be responsive to a dinner made according to my new eating habits 🙂 Oh Well! I am going to have a great time with or without dinner approval.

Our next meeting is tomorrow and we will be adding cleansing shakes and smoothies into our diets. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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