Yoga Battle

For better or worse we live in a competitive society, and it is understandable that it may be difficult to completely shed ones competitive machinations when practicing yoga. I remember when I first learned how to hold a hand stand, I looked forward to showing off my new move in the next yoga class. I think this is fine and dandy but I have found that I derive more benefit when I come to yoga with a more holistic approach: concentrating on mind, body, spirit with maybe a dash of ego. As we evolve as yogis and people we can allow space for that part of us that is proud and has a desire to show others our ability to go deeper into an asanas, especially those asanas that have been eluding us for some time. What I believe is more detrimental is prescribing any kind of right/wrong judgment on any practice, since we all have our own paths, and we are all reflection of the infinite. But as this short film comically demonstrates it might not be wrong but possibly detrimental to completely let competitiveness consume our practice.


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