What do Photographers Blog About

For over a week, I have been wracking my brain for something to say on this darn blog. I have literally sat down twice and begun writing things, only to get distracted and never finish. Let’s just say that my attention span is limited to visual appeal. I am of the kind that can remember your face, what you wore, if you smiled, how you smelled, and generally everything about a person except their name and ‘how they were that day.’ With this said, I think it is very suiting that I recently finished my bachelor’s degree in photography. So, what do photographers blog about…

This past weekend was one of great enjoyment for me. I spent all day Friday at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur listening to a slew of bands, two of which really caught my eye, War Paint and Sleepy Sun. War Paint is a band I had never heard of before, but will definitely see again. Consisting of 3 women and one man, this psychedelic folk group captivated the audience with their soulful and melodic tunes. Their style blended the teenage angst of Minor Threat and the saucy vocals of Crass with heavy psychadelic riffs more influenced by Phish and later Anastasio projects. Sleepy Sun is a local Santa Cruz band who I have been following for a quite a while. There is no way to put my finger on their sound and style other than saying that they are the high minus the drugs. I saw them once, and have gone to every show since for over a year now. Here is my favorite picture of the week of their lead singer, Bret.


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