We did it! 28 Days!

Tonight was the final meeting, and the end of the 28th and final day of cleansing as a participant in Nourish’s Spring Cleanse. It was fun and inspiring to listen to the hurdles and successes of others in the group. It reminded me how elemental eating is. It also reminded me how eating is one of the things that brings us closer together in the most obvious ways, such as when we sit down to a meal with friends or family. Or when we make choices about the food that we share with our friends and family when we’re hosting a dinner party or filling the family refrigerator with healthy options for everyone. What we don’t often do is come together as a group to casually discuss our experience with food. I found this part of the cleanse process affirming, encouraging, and enriching.

I’m prone to taking issues around healthy dietary choices to the extreme; My husband might call me a food Nazi, insisting on the benefits of this and that, being particular about where we eat dinner out, and insisting my children finish their vegetables. But I also love an indulgence here or there (probably more here than there!) In my opinion the way we eat makes a strong statement about how we feel about ourselves and our precious, oh-so-temporary life. Those of us with a choice (how fortunate we are) are making a statement about how we feel about ourselves, not just physically but psychologically, and in some cases spiritually, every time we take a bite. When we choose to put all of those strange and delicious substances into our mouths we are choosing based on hunger, but also from a place of emotion, desire, and self-esteem, as reward or punishment, out of fatigue or convenience, with mindfulness or without. If our inside and our outside experiences are indeed related, then it would follow that when we choose to take an active role in taking care of our insides with something so foundational as how we eat , our outlook on the world around us will change inevitably. Being a part of a group willing to and interested in exploring the possibility of making such a shift —in some cases a dramatic shift—was absolutely inspiring.

I send thanks to the others in the group who shared their questions and stories with us tonight. Also, thank you Jocelyn for sharing your insight, knowledge, and wisdom. And finally, thanks for reading!

Valerie Moselle

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