The Last 10 Days

I have been amazed and impressed at how ‘gentle’ (to use Jocelyn’s word) this cleanse has been.  It has been easy to follow, and with the shakes my daily eating routines have been simplified.  There are, of course, those moments when everyone I’m with wants to go out to eat and I have restrictions, or when I go over to someone’s house for dinner.  Yesterday was the first day I found myself counting down to the last day; and the reason is that I’m starting to enjoy the shakes less.  I’m going to write Jocelyn for suggestions (she encourages contact by email or phone whenever we feel the need, which is a nice service to offer on her part).  For me the thing that’s getting to me is the sweet.  They’re not all that sweet, but they’re mildly sweet, and twice a day.  I’m starting to get the feeling I used to get when I worked at the cookie shop in College.  I stopped wanting to eat cookies.  At all.  Actually, going into the shake (when I’m hungry) feels OK.  But afterwords I’m left feeling a little sweeted out.

I’ll keep you posted.

Valerie Moselle

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