The Final 4 (Days Cleansing)

Well, I’m down to the last few days. I have to say, I feel pretty great. I’m sleeping better (except when the kids wake me up), I’m down a few pounds, my energy is great, and I don’t miss tea. I don’t know how I could possibly not miss tea, but I just don’t. It will be nice to be able to have an espresso every now and again, and to enjoy a cup of tea here and there, but I have no intention of going back to my habit. I feel liberated. It’s nice not to be a slave to caffeine anymore. Also, I’ve replaced that habit with fresh ginger, lemon, and cayenne in hot water with a touch of Agave syrup. So now, when I’m enjoying my hot beverage, I also know I’m supporting my circulation and decreasing inflammation —tending to my various aches and pains. Not that I wasn’t conscious of nutrition and my diet before, it’s just nice to feel like all my food and beverage is…for the absolute lack of a better word….Nourishing me.

I feel like I made it gracefully through all the little humps and hurdles. Today I was at a pizza and cake birthday party for a 3-year-old friend in a park. I had to scramble out of the house in a hurry without much thought as to what I’d eat for lunch. I packed a paleobar (allowed) in my purse in case there was nothing I could eat. I remembered there had been veggies and hummus last year, and thought that would be fine. There was no hummus, which would have been nice; but I ate big plate of salad —sadly I had to skip the dressing because it had gorgonzola— and my bar. I felt plenty satisfied. I’m not saying the pizza didn’t smell incredible…because it did…but not indulging in it felt fine too. There is something about having committed to cleansing that makes all those moments of choice making easier. Eating pizza or cake just wasn’t an option today. I think I might not be so easily satisfied next week.

I’m looking forward to thinking about what I want my diet to look like over the coming months. I really liked the 4-5 small meals rhythm. It felt much more natural than my usual 3 squares and a snack around 3PM…maybe because my snack no longer included a daily indulging in dark chocolate and a cup of black tea, so that just feels better anyway. (Believe me, I have nothing against chocolate. I love it too much!) I’m also interested in reducing wheat and dairy on a more regular basis. I eat mostly whole grains, with the exception of pasta and the occasional french bread with soup or pizza on occasion. I would like to do more research on the more subtle effects of wheat, gluten, and dairy. Research has been coming out on wheat’s inflammatory effects on the joints for example. I’m curious if the studies looked at whole grains vs. refined, etc… I have never been particularly sensitive to any of them, and don’t suffer from any allergies or other sensitivities. Though I haven’t missed wheat, I can’t say I’ve felt much different off of it on the cleanse either. It will be interesting to pow wow with Jocelyn on these subjects Wednesday night: Our final meeting and the last day of the our detox!

Valerie Moselle

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