the cleanse….the week after!

It’s been almost one week since I ended the cleanse…I just got back from Hawaii and so far so good!  Last Saturday was the first day after the cleanse and I was immediately put to the test at a birthday pool party filled with pizza, candy and cupcakes.   But that wasn’t it…all my friends were drinking mimosas too!  ARGH!  You can’t get more off the cleanse then that.  But I’m happy to say nothing was tempting to me.  Well, maybe the cupcakes looked yummy…but I was so busy catching up with old friends and swimming with Lily that I didn’t miss anything  🙂

So all was well… until that night.  My parents were watching Lily so Jason and I went out for a date to Buzz’s Steakhouse one the most famous and delicious restaurants in Hawaii.  After 28 days of no refined sugar, wheat/guten, alcohol etc I was really ready to enjoy a fun meal.  We had their famous calamari appetizer, fabulous “Freshies” (fresh margaritas), and perfectly grilled mahi mahi.  ONO.  But  way too much for my clean little system… and by 1am I had a headache that would not go away.  One of the main reasons I was on the cleanse was to hopefully improve the frequency of migraines.  I hadn’t had one in over 2 weeks (yay cleanse!) and for me that is a long time as I usually get them every 4-7 days.  I think it was a combination of the wheat/gluten in the calamari breading, possibly some soy was on the mahi, and then the margarita.   You live and learn and now I know if I am going to have one of my possible trigger foods I need to eat clean the rest of the meal and even the rest of the day.

Since then I have been attempting to eat as I did on the cleanse with some success.  No matter how long I go without sugar (my biggest challenge) I think I’m always going to want it and a girls gotta have a little chocolate.  So now that the cleanse is over the challenge truly begins.  On the cleanse I knew I wouldn’t cheat, I was too committed to doing it right.  But now that I can eat what I want it’s much harder to resist.  Reminding myself of how I felt during the cleanse…better mood, better sleep, less frequent migraines… is a huge motivator.  I’m trying to be tuned into more of what my body wants instead of what sounds fun.  It’s not easy… but either was the cleanse and I’m pretty proud of my accomplishment.

Would I do the cleanse again?  Absolutely.  Not only did I benefit from it, but my family did too.  Anything that makes me a better, healthier, happier person..makes me a better mom and wife.  Alooooooha!  🙂








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