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I am an alternatively inspired skeptic of alternative medicine.  I believe in all sorts of ‘out there’ kinds of things.  I speak of chakras, believe in ghosts, buy organic, and set intentions with a capital ‘I’.  The psycho-spiritual, bio-energetic teachings of yoga are right up my alley.  I used to work in a vegetarian restaurant behind a juice bar and touted the benefits of wheat grass, spirulina, and bee pollen.  I’ve been vegan, vegetarian, and raw.  I’ve fasted, enema-ed and I’ve peeled.

I birthed my babies at home and have stood on my soapbox and preached natural childbirth to anyone who will listen.  At first I was inspired by Western Medicine’s seeming insistence on invading my body with drugs, appalled by staggering C-Section rates.  Later I became  absolutely armed with every evidence-based reason to avoid most things medical around birth (given an healthy pregnancy) and this feels better.  You can see my leanings.

I also feel that we (humans) tend towards adolescence in many things.  We are bright, forward-thinking, creative, beings who are also easily fooled, sloppy, indulgent, and self-centered if given the slightest chance.  I have been on earth long enough now to have watched alternative fads come and go.  I have been one of those who jump on the bandwagon of things recommended by friends who’ve seen ‘results’, only to feel like a fool later.  Now, in my dawning middle age, I am an ever more sophisticated fan of science.  Especially when science supports my leanings.  And I’m no longer willing,  to believe every little study.  These days I’m a skeptic, and I want to see peer reviews analyzed by an expert representing an organization I trust.  You see, I have never been taught to read studies (few have), so I know I need someone to interpret results for me.

I’m tired of being convinced I’m not ‘whole’ or ‘healthy’ by a supplement industry that is now largely owned by pharmaceutical companies.  And I’m not interested in spending my money on the illusion of  ‘wellness’.  I thoroughly enjoyed Ben Goldachere’s book Bad Science.  It’s a touch extreme, but a great read if you appreciate a little sarcasm.  I’m telling you all this so you can get an idea about the healthy skepticism I hold for many things alternative these days.  I know science isn’t perfectly unbiased nor accurate, and I know in general, almost always, ‘more studies need to be done’ about almost everything ‘alternative’.  But as far as I can tell, it’s the best thing we have from which to make decisions.  Especially about what to put in our bodies, and what to avoid.  I tested Jocelyn a lot during my first consultation with her.  I wanted to know that she hadn’t been hoodwinked by the snake-oil salespeople.   And, probably much to her annoyance, I am always asking about the science behind what she’s recommending.

I thought you might appreciate this video about the supplement company that Jocelyn carries at Nourish.  They are the makers of the shakes and pills that have been supporting my poor old liver in this detoxification.  They made the video, so I am not presenting you with an unbiased look at the company by any means.  But I’m optimistic.  I’m happy enough to leave the tough questions to Jocelyn. I know she does her homework.

Valerie Moselle

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