Messages from Jocelyn and Victor

Loving by Letting Go
By Jocelyn Dubin, CEO. President. Dietitian. Cofounder. Mother.

When talking about NOURISH with my friends and family, I have often referred to it as the second child. Like a child, it has required exquisite care and attention. Like a child, it has gone through growth spurts and growing pains. Like a child, it has shown itself to be precocious, maturing in a way that seems to outnumber its years. Like a mother, I have spent countless nights awakened by concerns for its health and well-being. Like a mother, I have felt like I am missing an appendage or have forgotten to attend to something very important when I am away from it. But as is the journey for many mothers, I have worked long and hard to foster a sense of independence in this second child of mine. I have laid the foundation for it to blossom when I am not there to watch the unfolding. My primary goal in all of this has been that it will thrive long after I have been the loving, involved, hands-on, (maybe even a bit of) a helicopter mom. Now is that time. The coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent shelter in place order that hindered NOURISH’s growth and threatened its existence is, in the best case scenario, a hurdle for this child to cross, not a wall that it has run up against. The financial impact of being able to operate at 25% of our normal business operations is a painful reminder that our continued existence is not promised and that sometimes surviving rather than thriving has to be good enough. But, like a mother, often our best growth as caretakers comes from realizing that we cannot control everything our children will encounter. If we have done our absolute best to raise them with love, honesty, integrity, and a supportive community, there comes a time when the best way to love them is to let go.

What Love Inspires
By Victor Dubin, CFO. Yoga Instructor. Cofounder

Love inspired us to start Nourish. Love helped Nourish grow in its early years. Love kept Nourish going even when times were hard, very hard. But it turns out that sometimes, when it comes to the survival of a business, love just isn’t enough.

The number of people who have come up to us over the years to share unsolicited stories of how their experience at Nourish has not only changed, but in many cases, saved their lives is awe inspiring. No matter how much we wish that it could, awe inspiring is not a payment option at PG&E, Santa Cruz Municipal Utilities, Fitness and Wellness Insurance, Worker’s Compensation, Federal, State, and Local Taxes, Rent, and the myriad of other expenses it takes to operate a business.

While Nourish has provided Jocelyn and I as its owners a net profit every single year that we have been in business, in order to survive the coming months and years Nourish is going to need an owner with capital reserves, the likes of which Jocelyn and I do not have. We have been willing to sacrifice our own financial well being for the survival of Nourish. We’ve gone into significant personal debt, depleted our savings for the short term and for retirement not only so that our business could survive, but to support what we saw as a crucial hub of community health and wellness for our clients, students, and Santa Cruz as a whole. For an owner who wants to consistently net profits and for whom those profits are not the sole source of household income, but instead an added bonus to loving the opportunity to serve the community, Nourish is the perfect business to buy.

It is not because we are love-poor or awe-poor that we must either hand over the ownership of Nourish to someone else or simply let it go. We are confident that there is someone out there already in our community or interested in embracing Nourish who does have capital, who’s looking for awe inspiring work, and who shares the love. That is why Nourish is now “on the market”. It is our deepest hope that even though we will not be at the helm, that Nourish will survive, grow, and thrive. Let us know if you feel the same, but more to the point if you or someone you know is ready to lead a center of awe inspiring wellness, a hub of community, a labor of love.

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