Massage: preventive medicine vs. indulgence


Let me introduce myself — With a lifetime of experience (I started massaging around 2nd grade, giving my teacher neck and shoulder massages on rainy day recess), over 1000 hours of formal education, and nearly 8 years with a professional background; I can no longer call myself just a massage therapist. Trained in over 16 modalities, I am known to utilize massage, energy and breath work, and guided meditation in any of my sessions. I specialize in pain relief, injury recovery, stress reduction, emotional transformation, and relaxation. My interest is finding the deep seeded root of any issue within the body, the intention I bring is to HELP create sustainable results in every one of my clients. Here at NOURISH I consider myself a “Healing Facilitator,” I choose the term facilitator because I merely assist in the process of healing. It is up to each individual client to bring one’s self to the state of well-being.

More often than not, the common reason I hear people use to NOT have a massage is because they don’t have the time, money, or need to “pamper themselves” or “indulge in frivolous things”. I’m hear to tell EVERYONE…yes that means you too, please listen up…

Massage is much more than a simple luxury to be had when you have the time or enough extra cash laying around. It is an ideal way to keep your body/mind vehicle rejuvenated and nourished, which is helps with your overall well-being and maintaining a body free of dis-ease. The physical and emotional health benefits list is long and very detailed, but because it feels SOOOOOOO good, too many people don’t realize or even discredit the actual effects it has on the individual – body, mind, and spirit.

So I have decided to dedicate a blog series to the holistic health advantages of massage therapy…stay tuned to learn more!!!

Many blessings of health and vitality,

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