living aloha on the cleanse

Aloha from Hawaii and the last week of the cleanse!  With the last day in sight (this Friday the 11th) I’m getting excited to see how it goes after it’s over.  The last few days have been perhaps the most challenging of this 4 week journey.  Monday was a travel day as I spent most of the day in airports, in an airplane, and in cars.   I thought I had packed enough snacks for my travels but after having my shake, an apple, some almonds, and a larabar I  was still hungry and the breakfast  burrito they were serving on the plane was looking way too good.

Of course I didn’t cave in but that was sign of what was to come…  I am definitely hungrier than earlier in the cleanse.  Maybe it’s my mom’s cooking or being around some of my favorite foods ever (Buzz’s Steak House shrimp scamp spinach salad!  Los Garcias ahi tacos!!)  but I am sooo ready to eat full meals again.  Fortunately most of what I want is cleanse-friendly, but I find myself wanting bigger portions than I have been content with during the cleanse.  Last night after dinner of chicken and spinach salad, I was perfectly full but I could tell my body wanted something else… for the first time in weeks I was really thinking “hmmm, dessert sounds pretty good right about now”.

With only 2 more days on the cleanse it’s easy to resist temptation, but I will be interested to see what happens on Saturday…  will I want to go straight to Starbucks and get my former favorite Green Tea Lemonade?  Will I have pizza at the birthday party we are going to on Saturday?  Will I have birthday cake?   I’ll let you know…  🙂

Roxanne Gingery



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