first ever candy-free Halloween

Is it genius that Halloween falls on a day in the middle of the cleanse?  I say YES!  Halloween is always a tough time for anyone trying to stay away from treats, let alone someone like me who is a chocoholic.  But this year it was a non-issue and completely temptation free!  Not only am I less tempted by treats because I haven’t had them in over 2 weeks and no longer crave sugar, but the fact that I CAN”T have them because I’m on the cleanse makes it that much easier.  Thank you Jocelyn.  🙂

It really is amazing how something that you think you can’t do without (sugar/sweets in my case) is easier than you think to give up.  I’ve always thought that the more sweets I eat the more I crave, so now I wonder if there’s a way to reintroduce them without reverting back to craving them?  Well I guess I’ll tackle that on day 29….

Besides having my first candy-free Halloween last night, I had my first family dinner on the cleanse.  This was the first time I was with all of Jason’s family for a big to-do (Halloween/family dinner) and was a little apprehensive how they would respond to my shake and minimal dinner.  Since they were having enchiladas with wheat tortillas & tons of cheese, I pretty much only had some appetizers of carrots and red bells andthen my shake.  Fortunately no one made a big deal of my empty plate and were impressed that I was keeping this up for 28 days.  WHEW made it through that one.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!


Roxanne Gingery


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