Cigla’s (Chilla’s) Greetings From Turkey

Hi Everyone!

I know it’s been long since I left and you never heard from me. Sorry for being so late. The summer passed so fast. It was all about lots of family time for me of course. I missed my home, especially my room. It was so weird, it was my room but it felt so different like I just moved in. Most of the time I was between similar feelings.

During summer, I enjoyed all the things I missed in my country. I visited the cities that I’ve missed, the places that I used to hang out and of course the food. Even a friend from Santa Cruz came to visit me here during this time. Keep in mind everyone is always welcome here and if I am available I would always help you out. Also it was amazing to meet long time no see friends in Turkey. It is funny when you live in another country. It is being really hard to differ between the two places and people you love in both. I want them all at the same time. Nowadays, I realized that I started missing Santa Cruz a lot. I missed the studio at most and then the grocery shopping there. Thanks to Jocelyn, she gave me great tips about eating healthy and shopping in Santa Cruz. Well you really need to appreciate the value of that.  And I also missed West Cliff a lot, walking there, calming my mind. Well who knows maybe I’ll get a chance to visit you all again. I’d like to let you know that it is on my list of things to do.

Now I am more settled over here and starting some new yoga projects. I have two classes in a Hatha yoga studio and one kids yoga class at a very good school in my city. It is so funny that I got these classes without even applying for them. A friend of mine arranged the kids yoga class for me without me knowing. And the other studio is my old yoga studio where I started yoga. I just went to see my teacher and wanted to let her know that I am also a yoga teacher now. She was so happy and asked me why I didn’t go and see her earlier. And she needed some help and gave me a class and then another one. It is an amazing feeling hearing my students saying thank you at the end of the classes. Also seeing my kids hugging me and kissing me every week. Even one of my kids cried last week because I was late to the class for few minutes.  I can’t thank Victor enough for training me so well and to everyone in the studio. Thank you all for supporting me throughout the whole training. I am taking lots of compliments here as a teacher even though I am just a beginner and I owe this to Victor of course. I really love what I am doing right now and I’ll continue doing and teaching yoga and benefit from it. As long as I am with yoga, I’ll never forget you all and my days in Santa Cruz.



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