An Update From Ant (that British guy who worked on reception)

Hello everyone,

I promised Victor I would write updates on my move to Southern California so you could all know how I was doing… and I’ve been neglectful. Part of the reason was that I did not have a whole lot to report but now I do, so here goes…

After moving down to Pomona at the end of May I quickly high-tailed it over to England to spend five weeks with my family and friends. I was welcomed by an unprecedented period of wonderful weather which meant I got to eat plenty of meals with family outside in the sunshine. It only rained twice while I was over there! I spent a lot of the time relaxing on the couch and watching the World Cup. It was great to see Africa host its first tournament but we all know England didn’t beat the USA and got knocked out by the Germans… so we’ll move on.

My family have recently moved from the city of Leeds to a small village not so conveniently located in the middle of nowhere; somewhere between Leeds and York. It meant I was subject to my first bout of hay fever since I was about seven as my body adjusted to the country air. Fortunately that only took a few days but for those of you who suffer more extreme symptoms, here’s a country tip… local honey. My mum, a chronic sufferer, was told to eat local honey every day and sure enough, her symptoms disappeared and she stopped taking allergy pills. It’s all something to do with the bees and local pollen and your bod building up a resistance through the honey. I thought that was kind of cool…

When I returned to California I set about finding employment while my wife got on with Medical School (she’s kicking ass, by the way) and it was a frustrating and drawn out experience. I quickly discovered most of Hollywood did not care about my experience working in the British film industry and what’s more, it turns out there are like millions of people also wanting to work in Film and TV!

However, I persevered. I started doing an internship for a small production company (working for free), commuting into L.A. two days a week and began looking for a part-time job to pay the bills. The thing is, Pomona is like a giant strip mall (most of Southern California is) and I was thrown off by the lack of cool locally owned-businesses. Also, it turns out there are like millions of people also wanting to make money. Needless to say, I missed Santa Cruz and NOURISH more than ever.

I struggled along, filled out countless applications, shook a lot of strangers hands and waited for the phone to ring… and for a long time it didn’t.

Then, at the end of last week, things started happening. I got calls. I got job offers. Olive Garden offered me a job as a server, which I took, and I am now completing the training program (I spent the day tasting appetizers and learning about wine!) Even better, the internship has been turned into a job. I am now the Associate Producer on Hollywood clip show that promises to be very wacky. It’s a pilot, so things are very much in progress, but it’s a start and even if it doesn’t get picked up I can tell people I was once a Hollywood producer.

So there we go. That’s pretty much it. My wife had a few days off and I actually got to the beach and hear the ocean again last weekend. It isn’t Santa Cruz, but Southern California ain’t so bad.


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