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Congratulations NOURISH Yoga Teacher Training Graduates!

This week Brenna, Zoe, and Sarah finished their final teaching exams for their NOURISH Yoga Teacher Training Program completion! They all did wonderful jobs and will make mindful, considerate, compassionate, and caring yoga teachers. It has been my privilege to work with them and watch them grow as students and teachers.

They will be the instructors for the NOURISH Teen Summer Yoga Camp that happens in late July and early August. The kids who participate don’t know how lucky they are. Additionally, if you come to classes at NOURISH you’ll find them all subbing (check the NOURISH schedule for details).

Member Spotlight: Dani and Kim

We recently asked Kim and Dani to appear in our newsletter for a member spotlight, and they gave us such a glowing review that we couldn’t fit the whole thing!  Here it is in its entirety:

“Where do we begin. Dani started going to the Om room and fell in love with Victor’s teaching from the very first class.   When they started Nourish, Dani signed up and convinced me to try it because I was having problems tying my shoes.  Both of us have very demanding careers, her a State Park Ranger and me a San Jose Fire fighter we needed some place that was not only a place for exercise but a place where we could decompress from the stress of our careers.  We had tried the gym membership gig and felt like it was a chore to get there every day.  Nourish is no chore, it is a sanctuary that works on not only our body, but our soul and mind.  We are getting better results then we ever did at the gym, I can not only tie my shoes but can do it standing on my head.

This is just the beginning.  I started seeing Jocelyn about my eating habits and weight and have had for the first time in my life real life changing results.  Not a diet, a change in what I choose on a daily basis.  I feel better inside.  I have lost over 25 lbs and felt like I never went on a diet.  Before I started Nourish, I was taking two different blood pressure medications to control my high blood pressure.  We decided to go on Jocelyn’s cleanse last October and I can truly say that my blood pressure became under control in a matter of two weeks.  I no longer take medication for my blood pressure.

Wait there is more.  When we go into Nourish we feel like part of a family.  We have met and become great friends with other people that all want the same thing in life, and did I mention the music.  While in Yoga class we listen to great music that fits with the yoga teachings.  Nourish rocks!”

Thank you, guys!


Cleansing…Ahhhhhhh…  All right…my cleansing diary begins.  Here we go!

I’m participating in Jocelyn’s spring cleanse.  It’s been over 5 years since I’ve been able to do something like this because I was breastfeeding up until last week!  Ha!  So I jumped on board Jocelyn’s program…knowing that if I let this train go I’d be unlikely to hop on another any time soon.  I am ever curious about nutrition and the workings of the body.  I am also a skeptic around ‘wellness lore’ that hasn’t been adequately studied, because I’m wary of the financial motivations of the wellness industry.  So I probably wouldn’t have done this kind of thing through anybody else.  Thanks Jocelyn!

I’ve made it through the weekend.  I have to say I’m making it sound a little more dramatic than it’s actually been.  My first day I ate too little, and drank too little of the 2 cups of black tea I’m extremely attached to.  I wound up with a throbbing headache and that nauseous feeling I get when I eat too little.  In the middle of the night I woke with the headache, and the realization that despite my careful listening, I had failed to follow Jocelyn’s instructions.

I usually eat 3 square meals and a snack (and sometimes dessert).  So even though I heard Jocelyn say we were to eat 4-5 small meals…she held up her hands in the shape of a small bowl…I somehow decided on that first day that she meant 3 small meals and 1-2 snacks.  So my calorie intake on day 1 must have been about 1/2 what I usually eat.  (And I’m an eater!)  I was expecting to feel bad, and I did. That night I asked myself, “why did I think this was a good idea, again?”

The second day was better.  I was more organized, ate as instructed, and allowed a little more caffeine into my tea cup.  Today (day 4) I am headache free and settling into the new rhythm easily.  I think I’m down to a little less than a full cup of tea, and headache free.  I’ll be done with caffeine by the end of our week.  In terms of food I feel satisfied, but I get hungry more often (because of smaller meal portions)…Then again, I get to eat more often.  So that’s not so bad!  I’m not really missing wheat and dairy.  I like soy milk, and I have a healthy habit of alternative grains to bread and pasta already.  I imagine those things might be harder for people who like sandwiches.

I usually drink about 20 ounces of green ‘smoothy’/ day.  I blend up greens, avacado, a little apple juice, and sometimes some fresh herbs like ginger or cilantro in my Vitamix.  Because I’m not sure where to fit that into a ‘meal’ and still keep it small-bowl-sized, I have not been getting in those extra helpings of veggies.  In that way I’m actually eating less vegetables/day than I usually do.  I’ve been feeling more secure with stick-to-the-ribs choices in my meals like beans and grains.  I’ll probably try to change that ratio some in the next weeks.

I purchased a selection of rice crackers, and gluten free breads…packaged foods I don’t usually like to buy, but going off wheat was feeling scary.  It turns out I eat a lot of grains, veggies, and legumes in my diet anyway, so I haven’t been dipping into that supply as much as I thought I would.

So far the cleanse has been (dare I say it) fun.  I’ve only been mildly uncomfortable a few times.  My energy is good, and it’s nice to focus some attention on  taking care of my body by feeding it consciously.  I mean, we eat every single day.  And though I think I’m pretty good at the internal housekeeping, I reach for food for plenty of reasons other than nutrition —reasons like boredom, addiction (to sugar and caffeine), and the ever popular stuffing of emotions!  It’s nice to give those impulses a rest for a while.

I’m not sure if I’ll keep cruising so comfortably…but I’ll keep you posted.

Please feel free to comment!  I’d love to answer any questions you might have about my experience as the days tick on…

Valerie Moselle

Face Under The Covers Music

On Saturday I played covers of Beatles songs. Here are the playlists:

10:00 a.m. Class

1993 Here Comes The Sun Richie Havens
1970 We Can Work It Out Stevie Wonder
2002 I’m Only Sleeping The Vines
1978 Come Together Aerosmith
2001 I’m Looking Through You The Wallflowers
1985 Eleanor Rigby Aretha Franklin
1977 With A Little Help From My Friends Joe Cocker
1979 Day Tripper James Taylor
2001 Two Of Us Aimee Mann & Michael Penn
2001 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds The Black Crowes
2002 Revolution Grandaddy
2001 Mother Nature’s Son Sheryl Crow
1969 Hey Jude Wilson Pickett
2001 You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away Eddie Vedder
1971 The Long And Winding Road Aretha Franklin
2001 Help! Howie Day
2001 Strawberry Fields Ben Harper
2001 Don’t Let Me Down Stereophonics
2001 Nowhere Man Paul Westerberg
2001 Across The Universe Rufus Wainwright
2001 Blackbird Sarah McLachlan
1975 For No One Emmylou Harris

Noon Class

1993 Here Comes The Sun Richie Havens
1970 We Can Work It Out Stevie Wonder
2001 I’m Looking Through You The Wallflowers
1977 With A Little Help From My Friends Joe Cocker
1985 Eleanor Rigby Aretha Franklin
2001 Two Of Us Aimee Mann & Michael Penn
2002 Revolution Grandaddy
2001 Mother Nature’s Son Sheryl Crow
1969 Hey Jude Wilson Pickett
2001 You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away Eddie Vedder
1971 The Long And Winding Road Aretha Franklin
2001 Help! Howie Day
2001 Strawberry Fields Ben Harper
2001 Don’t Let Me Down Stereophonics
2001 Nowhere Man Paul Westerberg
2001 Across The Universe Rufus Wainwright
2001 Blackbird Sarah McLachlan
1975 For No One Emmylou Harris

Got to love The Beatles. Straight up or covered.

Parivrrita Mix

As requested here is the playlist from today’s twist inspired class:

2000 The Time Of The Turning Peter Gabriel OVO The Millennium Show
1992 On the Turning Away Pink Floyd Momentary Lapse of Reason
1968 Revolution 1 The Beatles The Beatles (White Album)
1992 Ain’t Nobody (Gonna Turn Me Around) Aretha Franklin Queen Of Soul: The Atlantic Recordings [Box Set]
2003 Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose James Brown
1959 The Twist Hank Ballard & The Midnighters Say It Loud!
1998 Twistin’ The Night Away Sam Cooke Greatest Hits
1974 Revolution Bob Marley & The Wailers Natty Dread
2007 You Turned the Tables On Me Ella Fitzgerald Love Letters From Ella
1966 Here, There And Everywhere The Beatles Revolver
1968 Circle Round The Sun James Taylor James Taylor
1960 Spiral John Coltrane Giant Steps
 Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season) Pete Seeger Pete Seeger Greatest Hits
1988 In Orbit Thelonious Monk The Complete Riverside Recordings
1970 The Circle Game Joni Mitchell Ladies of the Canyon
1975 Simple Twist Of Fate Bob Dylan Blood On The Tracks
2003 Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me) Tony Bennett and Bill Evans Together Again


Victor’s Birthday and Tribute to Andy Martin

On November 19, 2004 I celebrated my 32nd birthday. That same day, one of my closest friends, Andy Martin, died as a result of Sino-Nasal-Undifferentiated-Carcinoma (a rare form of nasal cancer). Each subsequent year I have shared my birthday with Andy’s memory and the legacy of his life and work.

Mostly I have remembered and retold the story of Andy’s unique battle with SNUC and helped raise money for Bounce For Life, the non-profit organization dedicated to the continuation of the work Andy began researching his own cancer while a medical student at Tulane University.

While Andy’s story certainly has personal relevance to me, the reason I feel so compelled to share it each year is because of the broader lessons Andy’s audacity, courage, hope, and commitment can teach us all. Here is Andy’s story:

In the summer of 2000, Andy was preparing to attend medical school at Tulane University when he developed intense nose bleeds. He was soon diagnosed with Sino-Nasal-Undifferentiated-Carcinoma. SNUC is one of the truly rare cancers with fewer than 100 cases reported in the scientific literature. It is also one of the most malignant cancers, with a 100% mortality rate within 5 years. Despite the diagnosis, and perhaps in someway inspired by it, for the next 4 years, Andy underwent the rigors of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery several times, while continuing in the medical school program at Tulane.

On the one hand, Andy was unnervingly confident that he could both beat this cancer and become an excellent physician. At the same time I believe that his rational mind understood the odds of his long term survival and that he calculated that spending his time in this pursuit, however potentially futile, was the best use of his remaining life. The inevitability of his passing sharpened his resolve.

While, to be sure, Andy’s battle was a personal one, he was not alone. When Andy lost his hair from chemotherapy and radiation treatment, his entire Tulane Medical School class shaved their heads in solidarity. On the occasion when Andy was almost guaranteed to lose his sense of taste because of an upcoming treatment, a wine-tasting party was held in his honor and Andy tasted his last drops of wine in the company of friends and colleagues. While the people around him came to give him support, I have no doubt that in many ways Andy’s courage and grace served as an inspiration for all of us who were lucky enough to be around him in those years.

Dr. Tyler Curiel was one of Andy’s professor’s at Tulane and became Andy’s mentor, colleague, and friend. Dr. Curiel was the Chief of Hematology and Oncology at Tulane where he ran a lab that specialized in immune responses to cancers. When Andy decided that he would rather, as he put it, “sidestep the clinical duties of a typical third year student and learn how to do the type of research that will further our understanding of SNUC,” he worked under the mentorship of Dr. Curiel.

Andy convinced Dr. Curiel to biopsy the cancer from Andy’s own body and Andy spent the rest of his life working with those samples. “If this cancer’s going to get me, damn it, I’m going to go down fighting, you know, and make a difference, so that future people who are diagnosed don’t have the same outcome that I had.” Andy’s work generated the only known living cell line of SNUC in the world. While research on this cell line certainly may one day inform the treatment of SNUC, its implications are much broader. Because SNUC is such a deadly and ferocious form of cancer, clinical treatments that either prove to slow or alter its development may be gateways in to treating more common forms of cancer. The value of a living cell line for this type of research can not be understated. If nothing else, and even if no treatment ever results from this research, Andy’s persistence, passion, and personal sacrifice will continue to serve those who watched him work and those who hear his story.

Bounce For Life, created while Andy was still alive, was originally a way for Dr. Curiel to help raise funds for the research by breaking a world record: he dribbled a basketball for 24 hours straight while running 108 miles. The organization continues now to help fund the research that Andy began and keep his cell lines, story, work, and legacy alive.

To Support Bounce For Life or read more about Andy go to

On Saturday, November 20, 2010 I will teach my regular 10:00 a.m. Intermediate and 12:00 noon Beginning classes. They will be a celebration of my birthday, friendship, and Andy. Feel free to come to class, or just stop by for cake, between classes at 11:30 a.m., or after the second class at 1:15 p.m. We will also collect cash and check donations for Bounce For Life.

Sara’s Birthday Mix

By: Victor Dubin

About 5 years ago the Tuesday night intermediate class and I went out to dinner at Olitas. At the time I was using only “yoga” music in my classes, flutes, sytar, chanting, etc. At the dinner the topic of my personal yoga practice came up and Sara asked what kind of music I listened to while practicing. I mentioned Led Zepplin, Mos Def, among others. She suggested I start using that kind of music in class and I began experimenting with different music mixes. Since then many of you have come to enjoy the Martin Luther King Birthday mixes, and the mixes for holidays, and even just encouraging the sun to shine. Thanks to Sara for the encouragement. This one was for you:

Tuesday 5:30 Intermediate
Someday We’ll All Be Free Aretha Franklin
Track 13 MNM One Shot
One to Grow On UMC’s
Come Together F. Zion I (World Premier! Produced By J.Period) J. Period & The Roots
The Weight Aretha Franklin
Staying Alive Wyclef Jean
Food For The Masses Michael Franti & Spearhead
Sunshine Mos Def
A Brand New Me Aretha Franklin
Move On Muneshine, Raks One, Kenn Starr
Feelin’ Alright Jungle Brothers
All Falls Down Syleena Kanye West
(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman Aretha Franklin
Got Mos Def
It’s Like That Run-D.M.C.
Been Thru The Storm F. Stevie Wonder (J.Period Exclusive!) J. Period + The Roots
Love Mos Def
Umi Says Mos Def
A Change Is Gonna Come Aretha Franklin
Shoulder Wordsworth
We Don’t Mind Michael Franti & Spearhead
Drinking Again Aretha Franklin
Try A Little Tenderness Aretha Franklin
Holy Holy Aretha Franklin