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Member Spotlight: Massage Client

A massage client who has been with us since we first began offering massage two and a half years ago offered a great glimpse into her experience on both Basic and Premium Massage programs, and our wonderful massage therapists:

“Historically getting a massage was reserved for special occasions for me.  Sometimes I would get a massage on my birthday trip up to wine country or in Santa Cruz on the weekend after we finished our fiscal year.  I enjoyed getting massages but the cost was prohibitive and scheduling was difficult.

When Nourish started the massage program I joined right away.  For about half the cost or less of a typical massage at a resort, I could get a minimum of one massage a month and often more than one a month, for the same low, fixed price.  Scheduling was easy with the friendly and helpful reception staff.  I particularly liked the way they emailed me a calendar invite that automatically blocked out the time on my sometimes crazy busy schedule.  The best part was how much better I felt, mentally and physically, by getting regular massages.

About a year ago I had hip surgery.  At this point I upgraded to the premier massage program so I could get a minimum of two massages a month (for a low fixed price that was lower than the cost of one massage at a resort).  At this point Nourish started making massage schedule changes/openings available on twitter.  Since I was on medical leave from work my schedule was flexible and I was easily able to get one massage a week, sometimes more.  Theses regular massages were instrumental in my healing process.  As I progressed from a walker, to crutches, to a cane, to walking again unaided, I could have the massage focused on whatever part of my body needed it most.  All the massage practitioners were so gentle when I need gentle and more intense when more intense was what my body needed.

Another benefit of the premier program is you can get a 2 hour massage.  There is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating for me than a 2 hour massage.  I will warn you, after you experience a two hour massage, it’s hard to go back to one hour.  Then my schedule gets crazy again and I’m glad to be able get in a one hour massage on a regular basis.  I’m constantly amazed how much I benefit both mentally and physically from regular massages.  The very reasonable price is also an extremely nice bonus.  Thank you everyone at Nourish for taking such good care of me.”

Try our Basic Massage for only $65 a month or our Premium Massage for only $100 to see what regular massage can do for your health!

Member Spotlight: Dani and Kim

We recently asked Kim and Dani to appear in our newsletter for a member spotlight, and they gave us such a glowing review that we couldn’t fit the whole thing!  Here it is in its entirety:

“Where do we begin. Dani started going to the Om room and fell in love with Victor’s teaching from the very first class.   When they started Nourish, Dani signed up and convinced me to try it because I was having problems tying my shoes.  Both of us have very demanding careers, her a State Park Ranger and me a San Jose Fire fighter we needed some place that was not only a place for exercise but a place where we could decompress from the stress of our careers.  We had tried the gym membership gig and felt like it was a chore to get there every day.  Nourish is no chore, it is a sanctuary that works on not only our body, but our soul and mind.  We are getting better results then we ever did at the gym, I can not only tie my shoes but can do it standing on my head.

This is just the beginning.  I started seeing Jocelyn about my eating habits and weight and have had for the first time in my life real life changing results.  Not a diet, a change in what I choose on a daily basis.  I feel better inside.  I have lost over 25 lbs and felt like I never went on a diet.  Before I started Nourish, I was taking two different blood pressure medications to control my high blood pressure.  We decided to go on Jocelyn’s cleanse last October and I can truly say that my blood pressure became under control in a matter of two weeks.  I no longer take medication for my blood pressure.

Wait there is more.  When we go into Nourish we feel like part of a family.  We have met and become great friends with other people that all want the same thing in life, and did I mention the music.  While in Yoga class we listen to great music that fits with the yoga teachings.  Nourish rocks!”

Thank you, guys!

NOURISH Member Spotlight: Mary Hardin

Continued from the NOURISH newsletter:

Mary and Terry HardinNOURISH is proud to have many incredible members.  Mary Hardin is one of them.  Mary and her husband Terry have been working in Santa Cruz to fight cancer with the Santa Cruz Cancer Benefit Group since the mid-1990s. If you have admired the fresh and beautiful flowers here, Mary is probably to thank.  She routinely brings us flowers from her garden.  In January of 1999, on his 24th birthday and first day at UCSC, Mary’s precious son Skye,  a well-known member of the local  surf community, was diagnosed with Metastatic Melanoma. In July, six months later, after months of suffering and a valiant fight, he succumbed to this disease.  His courageous battle provided inspiration to many.  As Mary says, “I personally also channeled my grief through planting a Skye Garden at my house on the corner of Bay and Anthony. It helped me to create what I call “flower prayers” directed to Skye in his new world. It literally was a life saver. I hope it reflects Skye’s light from the other side into this world. He is still  very much present in our day to day lives. I really enjoy bringing flowers to Nourish from ‘us’.”
Mary's son Skye“With profound respect for his courage throughout his illness, to further his stated  personal wish throughout his journey for us to help others suffering with cancer, and to channel our unrelenting grief into something positive, we became even more involved with SCCBG. We also wanted to continue to pay back our community for the selfless acts of love and support that we received in our time of crisis,” Mary has said about her work with SCCBG.  One of the organization’s endeavors was to partner with Dr. James Beckett and his team of Santa Cruz County based volunteer dermatologists to provide free skin screenings and treatment information at surf and other outdoor events throughout the county. The pavilion within which the doctors perform the screenings was christened by SCCBG as the “Skye Tent,” to honor Skye’s memory.
Mary, Terry, and their fellows at SCCBG are dedicated to improving the quality of life for people living with cancer in the Santa Cruz community by raising money to support our beneficiary organizations, and fund new research that will provide possible cures and better solutions for treating cancer. This non-profit organization accomplishes these activities
by raising community consciousness through events supported by our partners.

This year was the 15th year of SCCBG’s mission to bring relief to those suffering from cancer. The success of 2009’s events (Spring Forward Against Cancer at the Chaminade, and Gourmet Grazing on the Green at Aptos Park) pushed SCCBG over the $1 million mark for total funds raised!  Just last month,  SCCBG  handed out $75,000 worth of funding to our recipients We awarded these funds to our recipients:  Hospice of Santa Cruz County, Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services, Katz Cancer Resource Center, UCSC Cancer Research, and WomenCARE.

SCCBG’s next event is:Grazing on the  Green

Gourmet Grazing on the Green

Food & Wine Festival
September 25, 2010, 12-5 pm
Aptos Village Park

For more information on how to participate in this worthy event and to help a good cause, please click HERE

Check out SCCBG’s website by clicking HERE, or by visiting  The website has information about upcoming events, as well as volunteer and donation information.  The organization can always use donated items to be raffled or auctioned off at their events.  SCCBG’s Event Director Jeni Brill can be reached at (831) 246-2665 or

Some Thoughts on Breast Cancer

Today I worked at the reception desk during Jocelyn’s Fight Cancer with Your Fork: The Breast Cancer Edition today.  As I sat listening to Jocelyn, I got to thinking about how breast cancer affects all of our lives.

Breast cancer is a disease that has affected so many people I know, and so many people can say the same thing.  One of my mom’s best friends is still recovering from reconstructive surgery after her double mastectomy.  A dear friend of mine has a grandmother who was taken by breast cancer.  The most important personal example I have is my best friend, whose grandmother died from the disease.  She also watched her mother undergo treatment, and thankfully survive, when she was only 9 and 10 years old.

Her greatest fear in life is to get breast cancer.  I know this all to well because in what was possibly one of her least dignified moments (a rather horrifying senior year of high school night of debauchery as documented so well in so many trashy movies), she screamed and sobbed at me, the trusty designated driver.  As I held her in my arms (having secured a large pot nearby in case anything but words came pouring out of her mouth), I repeated, “No, you won’t get breast cancer.  Just think of the advances in medicine they’ll have!.”  Of course, I had no way of guaranteeing any of that. But I can hope that the support that this cause has accrued and the huge amount of attention it gets can result in something – research, treatments, and maybe someday a cure.

Does that make it more important than other cancers or diseases?  Of course not.  But there are so many faces, for all of us, that we can put to this disease.  Breast cancer can touch our mothers, our sisters, our friends, that neighbor who doesn’t work in her garden, and women we work with.  When I think of the fight against breast cancer, I think of the women who have already fought and survived.  I think of their struggles with a disease that is capable not only of taking our lives, but of taking a part of us that we see as a defining feature of being a woman.  I think of my best friend as a little girl, and all the little girls like her, who watched as her mother went through hell to survive for her.  I think of her now, as a 22 year old, waiting for the inevitable diagnosis that she (and I) hope never comes.

For these women, I ask that we all do something to help.  It doesn’t have to be much.  I certainly won’t be making any million dollar donations any time soon.  Walk in your local Race for the Cure, donate as much as you can to one of the fine research organizations out there (such as the Breast Cancer Research Foundation or Susan G. Komen for the Cure), or pass on any information, like nutrition facts from Jocelyn, you might hear about prevention to a friend.  Do it now so that hopefully someday no one else will have to.

Finally – good luck to our clients Kristin Larkin and Zoe Williams, who will be walking 39 miles in two days in the San Francisco Avon Walk for Breast Cancer!

– Kate