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Cleanse Update: Shakes Shakes Shakes

First of all I want to give a final farewell to my friends and coworkers, Ant and Dana…I miss you already guys. I also wanted to mention that I have heard that many of you have been reading my blog and I want to give a big Thank You! It’s nice to hear.

So I have much to update you on. We are nearing the end of our second week and I can really feel that the toxins are being released form my body. Everything has centralized around the bladder and intestinal area. According to my recollection of Jocelyn’s explanation from when we first began on what to expect during the second phase of detoxification: the toxins have been released into the body out of the liver and gallbladder and the free radicals are now being picked up and flushed out of the body. I have to admit, there is much gas involved in this releasing process. You have to make sure that you are getting enough liquids and exercising at least 4 times a week to help things process well. It can be a little uncomfortable at times, but over all it is not too bad.

We have been drinking 3 shakes a day for the past 2 days now, which has been a bit difficult. I am barely hungry at all for a substantial meal, the shakes are really filling. I’ve found that if start my day later than usual and I get distracted at work, in the evenings I am pounding a couple shakes and I feel as though I am shoving food in my body. I end up being overly full by the evening time. I’m working on eating two small meals a day and evenly spacing my shakes in the afternoons.

At the end of our first day of the 3 shakes a day routine I felt really sick. I had also splurged and had some potato chips (maybe a little bit too many) that day as a treat to myself. I couldn’t tell whether the sickness was from too many potato chips, the fact that I had pretty much only eaten shakes that day or from the increase in cleanse powder in my system. Whatever it was I felt sick through the evening and had a horrible headache until I went to bed. However, whatever detox that I was going through was worth it. My skin now has a really hydrated soft feeling all the time, as well as a glossy feeling on my teeth and besides the intestinal processing I’ve been feeling great, sleeping really well and waking up refreshed. I have also lost noticeable weight. My clothes fit better and I am getting comment from co-workers and clients/friends that they notice a difference.

I highly recommend getting massages and other additional detoxing methods during this period as they really help things along. Massages help physically manipulate toxins in your body and release them in ways other methods just can’t reach. I had a massage from Sarah the other day. If you haven’t had her before, I suggest making an appointment! She is AWESOME!

I am excited that we’ve almost reached the finish line, it seems like it went by so quickly. I am a little apprehensive about easing off the cleanse, but I suppose I will cross that bridge when the time comes.

By for now and Good Job Guys!


Cleanse Update: Fine Tuning

I wanted to open today by following up from my last blog and letting you know that the day after my champagne experience I felt much better. The sickness was short lived, but definitely apparent. In case you were worried 😉 Now back to the present day…

Just as I think everything is going well, I am totally wiped out today. Earlier I would have told you that things are going great and it feels as though I have settled into a routine, just cruising along. Today, however, I was incredibly tired. Although I am not fatigued anymore, I definitely require a full nights rest. If I do not get a good night sleep I am totally exhausted and need a nap. I just woke up from a long 3 hour nap, catching up from my long day yesterday and a short nights rest.

I wanted to mention a couple things regarding the transition into our Cleanse powders. As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, the first week is essentially preparing your body to really cleanse with the powders and shakes. I guess it didn’t click with me that this could be an intense experience for some people, until today. One of my fellow cleansers was telling me that she had a severe day this past weekend (a couple days into our shakes) where she actually got sick and didn’t feel well detoxing the whole day. The negative aspects for me have only translated into a couple pimples in weird spots and requiring more sleep. For the most part I have been cruising along, but I understand now that it could be quite difficult depending on your previous detox level.

Another thing that I have heard has been difficult is incorporating the proper amounts of protein, whole grains, whole fruits and vegetables into breakfasts, lunches, and dinners now that we have shakes that substitute afternoon snacks and make us not as hungry throughout the day. I have definitely noticed that unless I am really paying attention to my vegetable intake, it is easy to not eat enough in the day. Jocelyn has us preparing meals that include a “mostly carb” food, “mostly protein” food, and “mostly fat” food to keep us full and give us a well rounded diet and blood sugar level throughout. It has seemed, however, pretty easy to skip over the wide variety of vegetables and fruits that I used to intake because our meals are so small now. At any rate, you just have to be conscious and keep in mind that those still need to be eaten.

I am learning how to fine tune my shakes and staggering the fiber and greens powder throughout the day, rather than all at once like I was doing before. I am trying to be aware of my diet and exercise as well as continuing to drink lots of water. Jocelyn says that she would prefer us to have bowel movements twice a day, which I am not up to, but I am definitely regular. I have also lost 4 pounds thus far, which I am very happy about. All seems to be well up to this point. I will continue to update you with my ebbs and flows in the next couple days!


Cleanse Update: Birthday Celebration

Hello again everyone, as the second day of our new shake regimen comes to a close I have quite a few things to update you on.

First of all, the shakes are great. They are really easy to take with you where ever you are (I had one on the road driving down to Santa Barbara today), taste delicious, and are easy to add into my current diet. I chose to have the strawberry flavor Paleomeal, which is essentially a protein powder with a multivitamin, as well as the berry flavored Paleofiber. Mixed with Organic Rice Milk it tastes like I just ate a big bowl of Special K with Strawberries cereal and am drinking the milk at the bottom 🙂 really delicious.

For those of you who don’t know, our second phase of the cleanse is to in addition to our cleansing supplements that we have been taking, now add in: a cleanse powder, protein powder, fiber powder, and greens powder mixed with our chose of water, milk substitute or full on smoothie. We are supposed to have these shakes 2 or 3 times a day depending on what week in the cleanse we are at. Currently we are drinking two shakes a day.

I also wanted to update you on what happened with my birthday! Well I made it to my 24th year of life..I know, quite an accomplishment right? Anywho, the day was fabulous. I got a wonderful massage from Greg, one of our massage therapists, and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in the sun. I ended up having a BBQ with a small group of friends and I was even surprised how easy it was to have a big meal with others and not really have to adjust anything around my diet. We grilled garlic herb chicken, lots of bright peppers, onions, tomatoes, as well as a combination of purple and sweet potatoes with garlic. It was SO good! My friends loved it and I was happy. I got to have pomegranate juice, sparkling water, and lemon in a wine glass and a yummy vegan, gluten free fruit cobbler from Staff of Life with birthday candles. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Now on the down side, I wanted to address what happens when you take your halo off and stray from the cleanse. Tonight, I had a wonderful evening out with one of my best friends since we were 11 years old. We haven’t seen each other in over a year and she took me out for a birthday dinner. The dinner was great, we had a long conversation catching up that worked out well. The problem was when our other friends, who I don’t remember the last time I saw, wanted to meet us out at the bars. I was very confident and just happy to be with close friends. Well, my friend whispered to the bar tender to pour me us small glasses of champagne for a celebratory cheers. Against my will I went a long with it, seeing that I hadn’t seen her in forever and it WAS my birthday after all. Half a glass of champagne later and people blowing cigarette smoke in my face and I felt HORRIBLE almost immediately. My lungs, stomach, and body feel so sick. I tried to drink a bunch of water on the way home, but it didn’t work very well. It is incredible how sensitive we become to toxins after being clean for even this long.

I guess what I am trying to say is that we are all human and as Jocelyn says, we live in the real world. We may occasionally slip up but I have certainly learned my lesson and my advise for other cleansers is, if you can avoid it, don’t stray (and stay away from places with smoke). It’s not worth it.

Until next time,


Cleanse Update: Week One Closing

Well with the first week almost under my belt I am feeling MUCH better. The fatigue and hunger cravings have gone away! I am sleeping very well and all bodily functions in check. I have been doing additional cleansing additives such as long Epsom salt baths and exfoliating in the shower, and plenty of exercise. I think today I am starting to really notice a difference. My skin is much softer and clear, my teeth have that silky “I’m healthy” feeling and I am starting to have enough energy to get a good work out in rather than just long walks and yoga.

Jocelyn was mentioning in our group meeting last week that we will be entering a “second phase” of cleansing after about the first week. I believe I have made it through my slump and am on the up and up!

I also had my half hour nutrition consultation with Jocelyn today that went great. I got some more tips on how to round out my diet. I am learning how to incorporate a variety of gluten free whole grains and some good snacking tips. She also gave me some wonderful options for a birthday celebration dessert. My birthday is on Thursday and although I am incredibly excited I am also still a little apprehensive. I am not sure if my friends are going to be responsive to a dinner made according to my new eating habits 🙂 Oh Well! I am going to have a great time with or without dinner approval.

Our next meeting is tomorrow and we will be adding cleansing shakes and smoothies into our diets. I’ll let you know how it goes!


Cleanse Update: Gluten Free??

Well hello everyone, just as I promised I would like to fill you in on what the first couple days of Jocelyn’s Spring Cleanse are like.

I knew for the most part what I was getting myself into, I guess I just didn’t realize how much of what I ate included things that you are NOT supposed to eat on this 28 day cleanse. For those of you who are not aware, you are required to be caffeine free (aside for the almighty green tea), alcohol free, dairy free, gluten free, processed sugar free, no red meat…I feel like I should be saying etc. but I believe that is it. Now as Jocelyn so delicately put it “enough of all the things you CAN’T have and more for what you CAN have”. The list of what you can seems much longer than than ones you can not: EVERY kind of delicious fruits and vegetables, brown rice and brown rice based items, corn (tortillas, polenta, blue corn chips, etc.), any other gluten free grain, poultry, fish, lamb, eggs, beans, nuts, I could go on and on. I realized it’s really not that difficult to find substitutes for all the stuff you might be missing all over Santa Cruz!

A challenge that I faced on my first day of the cleanse was eying those delicious Greens + bars that I know we all love so much, as my stomach is growling sitting at the reception desk. I was reluctant to ask the dreaded question, can I eat these? Of course Jocelyn’s answer was that they had gluten in them. After my mini temper tantrum I grabbed a Chocolate Almond Paleobar (Coconut Almond also OK) and to my surprise was totally satisfied. They tasted great! To all those Greens + fanatics who are looking for a vegan or gluten free option I totally recommend it. Don’t be cautious.

I have noticed that I am a little bit tired, which also could be explained by lack of sleep, but not doubt exacerbated by detoxing. I am also still adjusting to my smaller portion size, which is making me a bit hungry in the afternoons. Thanks to Jocelyn, however, she is giving us all tips for eating well and keeping to our regular schedule and general habits. For example Saturday morning pancake breakfasts.

I believe that the most precious quality of the cleanse is that we are working as a group. Being a part of everyday NOURISH life as a member of the staff I see our clients who are also participating walking in and out occasionally. I always get encouragement and recipe suggestions as well as good food finds around town. It is great to know that we are all in this together. Sharing our experiences and challenges and triumphs and being able to maybe add another healthy snack into your regiment is what this is all about. Making new friends and creating a healthy community for the long run.

I am very much enjoying this so far and aside from the drowsiness and mild hunger while I find my adjustment, it’s been great. I have been a little tempted by my friends eating habits, but I stuck to it and I am down one pound (according to my scale). The first couple days are almost over!

Stick with me, I still have 25 more days and many more events to brave through.


Spring Cleanse Approaching!

healthy-eating-300Well the warm weather has finally arrived (for good this time I hope) and Jocelyn’s Spring Cleanse is approaching. I am sure everyone has heard word of it around our studio…28 days of detoxifying magic. As maybe only a few of you know, I am going to be participating in the cleanse along side a hand full of our other brave clients.

Now, I am not sure what 28 days means to you, but to me this seems like a long time! I have to say I am a little nervous for the full commitment. For those of us who have experienced Jocelyn’s work in the past I know I am in good hands and it most likely won’t be as challenging as my nerves are anticipating. Many things are rolling through my mind, as I’m sure the others participating have their own lists of apprehensions. My list runs something like this: what is my birthday going to be like falling right smack in the middle, as well as my boyfriend’s birthday? What is my trip home to visit my parents and friends going to be like? What am I going to do going to the Castroville Artichoke Festival for the first time and not be able to experience it to the fullest? These things seem quite difficult to navigate around.

What I do know is that I have spent a month under Jocelyn’s care before (for a trial month of Unlimited Nutrition) and somehow when you are in the middle of something that is so beneficial to your body and overall health, it doesn’t seem like such an obstacle. You don’t seem to mind that you are maybe not eating all the cake you would have liked before or indulging in a cocktail after dinner for celebration. Those things seem to fall away and are replaced with the good feelings of sleeping well, losing weight, looking great in those old jeans or swim suit, having an incredible amount of energy to enjoy the day and spend that time doing other things that make you happy. There are endless benefits that I have to say I am looking forward to. This can be my best birthday present yet.

Starting this Wednesday, May 12th, I will be blogging about my experience every other day for those who are interested in knowing the details of what it means to participate in Jocelyn’s 28 day cleanse. Please follow me as I approach and conquer my challenges and come out (hopefully) a changed woman!

~Cassandra (Receptionist)