A Eulogy for Nourish

July 4, 2020

Did you ever experience Nourish? Did you ever walk through its doors to be greeted warmly by a friendly and familiar face, to be recognized by name, to be seen for who you are? Did you ever experience the safety of its space? Were you ever warmed by the fire of the orange walls or calmed by the depth of the walls of sky blue? Did you ever look around to see, or listen to hear, the way that people regarded one another there, with familiarity, with authenticity, with respect? Did you ever sit and have a cup of tea? Noodle over a puzzle piece or 2? Thumb through the gratitude journal? Discover a new book? Did you ever make a friend there? Or deepen a friendship?

 Did you ever sit with Jocelyn, tell her what you feared to say out loud, anticipating judgment and scorn, only to be surprised by feeling esteemed and honored by her belief in you? Were you ever handed a diagnosis by a doctor with little to no guidance and in that sea of uncertainty find a lifeline to the shore of health and wellness? Did you ever go in for a massage thinking that it would just feel good for an hour, but come out discovering yourself anew?

Did you ever stand in the foyer and listen to a class upstairs burst into spontaneous laughter? Did you ever bop your head or sing along to a song from a yoga class playlist? Did you ever feel like a kid again? Playful? Imaginative? Less afraid of change? Were you ever at first frustrated when Victor answered your question with a question only to discover that the answer was in the reflection? Did you ever sit in meditation and find your perception shifted by the thoughtfulness of a teacher’s words? Were you ever late to class, think to yourself that it wasn’t worth the trip, find yourself hurriedly coming up the stairs, and after class feel as though that was just the right amount of practice? Did you learn to stand on your head there? Or learn the power of your own breath? Or the value of quiet? Or the meaning of being honest with yourself? Did you ever look across the room during a class and smile at the faces of your peers? Did you ever ask a teacher to get you a prop only to be handed one by a fellow student? Did you ever relinquish “your spot” to someone and recognize that none of us owns a spot, that we are all just borrowing space?

Did you ever have “one of those days” transformed into something better, richer, by your time there? Were you ever made to feel like you are enough? Your best effort is enough? And at the same time feel challenged to reexamine what enough really means for you? Did you ever notice that no one pressured you to be something or someone other than who you really are? Did you ever feel like if only there was more of “this” the world would be a kinder, more caring, compassionate, mindful, honest, respectful, place? Did you ever stop to wonder what “this” is? Stop to realize that “this” is you? “This” is me? “This” is us? At our best, supporting each other in being our best? Did you ever experience Nourish? If you did, then you were in the right place at the right time. Just as here and now are the right place and time to continue to support, care for, commit to, encourage, challenge, guide, laugh with, listen to, respect, love, and nourish each other.