buh-bye sweet tooth!

I think one of the biggest  misconceptions about a cleanse is that you have to give up your favorite things.  Starbuck’s green tea lemonade is/was one of my faves but after almost 2 weeks without one, I don’t even think about it!    I thought giving up refined sugar was going to be the biggest challenge for me, but I think getting out of the habit of having sweets has made me stopped craving them.  WOW, that’s huge for a girl like me.

I do still LOVE my chocolate but on the cleanse I can have a new favorite…. Bija Omega Truffles.  Soooo good you forget they are actually good for you!  I am discovering so many new foods that I probably wouldn’t have tried if I wasn’t on the cleanse.  Like my new favorite breakfast is Amande Almond Yogurt (coconut flavor) with Perky’s Crunchy Flax cereal, shelled hemp seeds, and walnuts.


Yum….so good I’ll be eating this long after the cleanse ends.  That’s one of the best things I’m discovering about the cleanse.  I’m eating foods that are good for my body and that I LIKE enough to keep eating when I can eat anything I want again.   🙂

Roxanne Gingery

Life on The Cleanse

With Week One of the cleanse completed (last Friday Oct 21st) we are on to Week Two!  The first week went really well with a few bumps here and there when my energy crashed mid-afternoon.  Turns out I wasn’t eating any fat with my afternoon protein/carb snack…thanks for the tip Jocelyn!  Here is my favorite new find (thanks again to Jocelyn and Nourish), the most delicious protein/fat source ever:


Week Two has been a bit more challenging.  We now drink 2 shakes a day in between small meals so it can feel as if I’m always eating or drinking.  It has been a challenge to stay on schedule with the meal/shake/meal/shake/meal.  Like today I had my first shake at 12noon and still need to have my 2nd shake and it’s almost time for dinner.  Drinking all the extra liquid of the shakes and the water we need to drink (half our weight in ounces) has made me feel…puffy?  water-logged?  Not sure I can find a nice word for it…but I’m sure my body just needs a few days to adjust and I’ll be fine.

Overall with one week down and 3 more weeks to go, so far The Cleanse has exceeded my expectations.  I feel GREAT.  My mood is better and more even than ever.   They say your skin glows when you cleanse and I think I’m seeing that!  Love it.  Looking forward to the next 3 weeks!

Roxanne Gingery