3 Reasons Why NOURISH is Awesome…

Although I am positive that I can think of many more reasons why Nourish is a happening place, I thought I’d offer 3 to get us started:

1. The Staff- Working at Nourish is unlike any other employment experience I’ve had; each person who works at Nourish genuinely enjoys being there. How many people can truly say that? My fellow receptionists, the yoga instructors, the therapists, our rock star nutritionist… everybody takes a real interest in not only their own well-being, but also in wellness of every person that walks into Nourish.
2. The Health-Conscious Atmosphere-In my experiences, the place you work is not a place to find solace or solutions to your (physical or mental) ailments. On the contrary, working in deli’s and restaurants had driven me to smoke cigarettes simply for the opportunity to temporarily escape work, and to think of nothing more after work than whether or not there was cold beer in my fridge. Being surrounded by health-conscious, fitness-seeking individuals has had a very real impact on the way I think about food, fitness, and well-being in general. Now, my moment of “escape” from work comes in the form of savasana, and I savor the thought of a frozen Bija truffle (who knew getting your daily omega could be so fun and tasty?) in my kitchen rather than a stiff drink.
3. The Variety- Ah, the very spice of la vida. This one may not be so obvious to Nourish students and clients; working at Nourish is the perfect combination of routine and challenge in the workplace. Every task has a process, each process is clearly defined and detailed. The receptionist position is not one that is menial or boring, both of which are unfortunate aspects of most entry-level jobs, and ones that I have endured at every other job I’ve had. Victor and Jocelyn are adept at discerning the individual talents of Nourish employees and applying those individual’s skills to projects that benefit Nourish. The result is that we employees can take pride in the work we do, rather than feel like an invisible cog in a corporate machine.

I’d love to hear reasons that anyone may have as to why they enjoy Nourish, or how Nourish has affected your everyday life in general. Until next time, Nourish Santa Cruz…