Victor and Jocelyn

At NOURISH, we welcome the uniqueness of every person that enters our center and we believe our personalized and passionate approach makes NOURISH an inviting place for anyone to enjoy yoga, massage or nutrition consultations in Santa Cruz.

Inspired by the conviction that you should not have to choose between your health and your finances, we are committed to making all of NOURISH's services affordable and accessible. What's more, we don't think that you should have to sacrifice quality for affordability. That's why we have the highest standards of professionalism for our yoga teachers, massage therapists, and registered dietitian. This commitment to accessibility and quality is why NOURISH continues to attract an ever-growing number of members and clients.

How We Got Started

Victor Dubin previously owned the Om Room yoga studio on the Westside of Santa Cruz and nutritionist and registered dietitian Jocelyn Dubin ran a private practice near the harbor in Santa Cruz. When Victor and Jocelyn decided to combine their two passions and open NOURISH in April, 2009 they brought together the two things your doctor, mother, acupuncturist, chiropractor, massage therapist, pharmacist, local news anchor, favorite checkout stand magazine, and friends all agree are the most important for achieving and maintaining good health: diet and exercise!

The husband and wife team selected a space in the heart of downtown Santa Cruz with the vision of creating a professional, peaceful, inviting, and centrally located wellness center. To round out the combination of high quality yoga classes and individually catered nutrition consultations, Jocelyn and Victor added that one element that often accompanies diet and exercise as a tool for promoting long term health and wellness: reduce stress. From this our unique massage program was born and a staff of highly trained expertly skilled massage therapists joined the team.

Surrounding themselves with dedicated and skilled wellness staff, Victor and Jocelyn have created a community that is welcoming and supportive in helping clients make healthy lifestyle choices.

It's one thing to read about NOURISH, but in order to really appreciate what we're offering, you have to EXPERIENCE NOURISH! So come on in and find out what everyone's been talking about.

Best Yoga Studio and Best Yoga Instructor in Santa Cruz
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"Establishing a regular yoga practice at NOURISH has truly been transformative for me. I've never felt better in my entire life! I have so much gratitude. "

~P S

"Today's class was really a blessing for me. I felt a healing taking place in my body, mind and spirit. This week as we focus on the connections of in breath to out breath , from head to neck, etc. and the places where the breath connects and the places where the body connects, I felt a real healing taking place. I found a new peace in each breath, in each connection of the body, and recongnizing and acknowledging those connections was like applying a healing salve to every breath and every movement of the breath becoming body becoming breath. It added a whole new dimension to my experience of everything. I left the class with a blessing and in turn became a blessing to those around me. Thank you, Victor."

~Patricia Gorman

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